Porable ECG Monitor


AT Medica Devices Established in 2014 ,Shenzhen AT Technology Co., Ltd is engaged in medical devices & health care products research,development , manufacture and sales.As a purchasing office ,do products development according to customer needs. Our main products are Infrared Thermometers,Digital Thermometers ,Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, Compressor Nebulizers, TENS Therapy, Blood Pressure Monitor,etc.Saving your money and time is our value .All… Read More »ABOUT US


Medical Face Mask (FMA / FMC ) , Type I CE mark, single use; Flat pleated design, adjustable nose clip, and elastic ear loop; Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): EN 14683 Type I ≥95%; Different pressure (Pa/cm2): EN 14683 Type I <40; 3 layers protection, high bacteria filtration efficiency, low breathing resistance. REF/MODEL Mask Size Standard Sterilization Package FMAFMC 175X95mm EN… Read More »MASK